A group of us began meeting up once a month in the months leading up to STBE, dubbing ourselves the Bay Area STBE Committee. We have continued meeting and thought that maybe it was time for STBE to evolve. Instead of just a once-a-year meeting in Las Vegas, why not meet on a more regular basis? We all enjoy each other's company, so why limit it to just a few days a year?

Monthly meet-ups

Our first addition, which has already started here in the Bay Area, will be monthly meet-ups. The Bay Area STBE Committee currently meets once a month at a tiki bar in Oakland. We have a few drinks, dinner, and enjoy ridiculous conversations and come up with STBE ideas. We would love to see these meetings happen outside of our Bay Area group as well, with a possible So-Cal STBE Committee hopefully starting soon.

More trips

Our first addition to STBE-proper is going to be called "Halfway STBE." Halfway STBE will be a trip to Reno in February. February is halfway to STBE, which is traditionally held in August, and Reno is half as good as Vegas. Eventually (this depends on us being richer than we currently are), we'll love these trips so much that there will be "quarter-STBE"s where we go to Atlantic City or an Indian Casino since those are probably about a quarter as good as Vegas.

More fun

We'd also eventually like to add BBQs and other activities that would expand the spirit of STBE to beyond those 4 days and 3 nights in Vegas. Please send your suggestions to me at [email protected]. And hey, we are a .org, so maybe we can figure out some way to actually turn it into a non-profit group. After all, we do bring joy to the lives of Vegas tourists every year. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Committees/Team Captains

We've already started a Bay Area STBE Committee. Members are Ginger, Mike, Ryan, Stephen, and Kim. Since I handle all the website stuff, I suppose I'm team captain (Ginger). Jose has volunteered to be Team Captain of the Southern California STBE Committee. Y'all know how to get in touch with Jose if you want to be part of the committee.