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After weeks of polling and consideration by the twins, we are ready to announce the winner of the revelers' choice! Additionally, Ginger and Mike's theme picks are in pink.


The Twins' Favorite Themes

Ginger's Picks

Mike's Picks


Crazy Christians

Former Fatties



Zookeepers ("I'm Brian Fellow!")


Friday                            Saturday                            Sunday


"Patriotic" : Mike's choice    Magicians : Revelers' Choice     Former Fatties : Ginger's  Choice

Magicians really ran away with the vote beating second place finisher old people by 48 votes. Because revelers were encouraged to vote early and often, we will not be hearing arguments about voter irregularity!!! This was American Idol-style voting. The theme with the most rabid fans wins!

STBE Theme Night Final Poll Results

Magicians 113
Old People  65
Ghetto Prom  61
Former Fatties 55
Hobo Night 32
Zookeepers 30
"Patriotic" 21
Crazy Christians 17


There were 174 voters in this poll.

Mike based his choice on the availability of cheap patriotic gear that will be on clearance after next weekend. Ginger made her choice based on a combination of polling, ease, and the lack of the right girl/guy ratio to pull off the polygamist theme.